Kelly has to lie to Jimmy when he suggests a day out together as she's due at the clinic for her abortion. Scarlett insists on accompanying her and Kelly is grateful for the support. Kelly breaks down at the clinic when she's given the tablet and a worried Scarlett questions whether Kelly should go through with it. Kelly puts her reservations to one side and resolves to go ahead. Carrie and Jimmy soon put together that both ladies have lied about their whereabouts, confronting them when they return home. A tipsy Scarlett lies that Kelly took her out to buy Carrie a present; Carrie doesn't believe her. Chas is fed up when her family return from their trip to Scarborough and make constant digs about her escapade with Colin after they find out. Even Paddy can't resist making fun of her and quips that he needs a respectable receptionist. Chas is rattled when Lexi warns her that Colin's widow is on the warpath after finding out who she is. Daz's attempt to arrange a date with Penny is foiled when Jack asks him to babysit Sarah, but Diane suggests he invite Penny to babysit, too. The teenagers are soon kissing and a wily Victoria demands some cash to leave them alone. Things are getting steamy on the sofa when Diane returns home. Carl and Grace have a romp in a layby. Also, Rosemary suggests to Grayson that Perdy should be in hospital.


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