Whilst going to help Joe with the milking, Matt collapses and is rushed to hospital. Meanwhile, the death of Henry's aunt hits hard and he contemplates leaving for Rome.


Amos is momentarily shocked to wake and find himself at Emmerdale Farm. Paula bumps into Henry at Home Farm and invites him into the caravan for a coffee. He chats to Trevor about his plans for the estate. When he states that some of the residents are in for a shock, Henry tries to advise him to take care how he goes with them. They chat and Henry discovers they've been in Arabia recently where Trevor was the manager of a dairy. A man strolls through the churchyard and chats briefly to Donald and then to Seth who's struggling to cut the grass with a broken lawnmower. Henry talks to Annie about his ideas of leaving Beckindale, he mentions that his aunt dying has made him realise he's alone in England with Marian being in Rome. She tells him that moving is not the answer and that he should consider visiting Marian in Rome but not moving there at his age. The man who was strolling around the churchyard earlier notices Henry opening up The Woolpack and enters. Henry's shocked to see his old Captain in the army and is further surprised to find that he's planning to move to the area. He invites Henry to assist him to look around some places. Dolly escorts Matt to bed when he complains of a bad headache. Trevor calls around to Emmerdale Farm to introduce himself. Joe shows him round the farm. He's unimpressed with how primitive the milking shed is and states that Home Farm is the same and that he plans to modernise it. Henry invites Donald over to The Woolpack and explains about his Captain, Major Denyer, arriving in the village and that the man saved his life once. Matt gets up to go back out and assist Joe with milking and collapses on the floor.


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