Grace investigates Carrie’s assault claim and uses the opportunity to question Matthew about Tom’s murder, still intent on proving he's the killer. Furious, Matthew rings Dasari to make a complaint about her. As Grace leaves, an opportunistic Carl grabs her for a kiss, but Dasari sees them and gives Grace an ultimatum - end the affair or he’ll tell Vaughan and her career will be over. Andrea visits Duke to tell him she's got a new job and place for her and Ryan to live in Sheffield. Duke is emotional as he says goodbye to her and Terry hopes Duke will finally open up to him. Kelly's shocked when the police turn up to question her about hitting Carrie and she denies it. Jimmy backs her up, but asks her to apologise to Carrie. Kelly is worried that Carrie will tell Jimmy about the abortion and apologises profusely to her. But Carrie's not taken in and she warns Kelly that if she ever crosses her again she’ll ruin everything for her. Also, Pearl accuses Jamie of dirty tricks after getting feedback on her job interview and learning the employers were tipped off about her past. Andy tells Jo they'll have to kill her pet goat, but when Paddy comes by, a heartbroken Jo convinces him to lie to Andy and keep the goat alive.


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