Vikesh forces Grace to break up with Carl and despite his constant calls and texts, she tells him their relationship is over and it was just a bit of fun. Heartbroken, Carl hits the bottle and blurts out to Matthew and Jimmy he's been sleeping with Grace. Matthew tells Jimmy to get Carl out of the country, fearful he will say too much and they bundle a comatose Carl into the back of truck bound for Europe. Meanwhile, fed up with seeing Victoria in front of the television, Jack and Diane try and find her something more constructive to do. Diane agrees to find her some work in The Woolpack. Later, Victoria lies to Diane that she had a panic attack in The Woolpack cellar, to get out of work. Duke collects TJ from playgroup and finds he was involved in a scuffle with another boy who made fun of him for not having a mum. Duke tells him if it happens again he should hit back. Later, Terry is annoyed when he finds out Duke didn’t tell him about the fight and is infuriated further when he invites Pearl and Betty round for drinks. Terry tells Louise that he wants his father to leave the village.


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