Grayson is presented with Perdy's suicide note by Rosemary. Not knowing what to believe anymore, he pays a trip to the doctor who inadvertently informs him that Rosemary visited him to ask for anti-malaria pills for her non-existent ‘trip to Kenya’. Putting two and two together, the horror of what's been happening sinks in, and he confronts Rosemary. Elsewhere, David decides to confront Mrs De Souza, determined to warn her off his patch. However, his determination soon turns to frustration when she keeps him waiting. Just as he's about to leave, he's summoned into her office. As the chair swivels round, Mrs De Souza is revealed to be Nicola Blackstock. Laurel tries to bring Bishop Postlethwaite and Emily closer together. Jo is furious when Katie chides her over her lack of engagement ring or party. Later when Andy bumps into Katie, she reveals that a client is taking her up in a hot air balloon. When he sees that the trailer carrying the balloon has broken down, he offers to help in return for a favour.


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