The Sugdens receive a shock and begin to believe Vivian has been hiding the truth. Meanwhile, Marian tries to dissuade Henry from leaving the village.


Amos is back on his feet and annoying Sam and Seth as he tries to produce his report for the Hotten Courier about the village show. Vivian has gone missing. Henry rings The Red Lion, where he was supposed to be staying but is told that no-one has been there under that name. Henry and Marian have a heated conversation about his moving to Rome, until Amos interrupts them. Seth begins unearthing his carrots at the allotment and shows Henry one of his bigger ones. Sam sees it and accuses him of cheating when he discovers he's been growing them in a molehill. Matt, Dolly and Paula attend a sheep sale together. Marian tells Henry that she doesn't think him moving to Rome would work out for either of them. She makes him see that running away from Beckindale because of change isn't the right thing to do, he needs to fight the people that are causing the change. He seems encouraged and tells Amos and Annie that he's decided he's staying in Beckindale. Vivian arrives at Emmerdale and knocks on the door. Receiving no answer, he walks into the farmhouse. Joe, Dolly and Matt are surprised to see him walking out of the farmhouse minutes later and confront him. Joe tells him he doesn't believe a word he's been saying and demands the truth.


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