A guilty Rosemary tries to explain to Grayson that everything she did, she did for him. However, as he begins to piece everything together and realise the extent of her campaign, his fury increases. Wondering what else his mother is capable of, Grayson asks if she killed his father and Tom. When she reiterates the assertion that Grayson should be with somebody who can give him children, he refuses to listen and throws her out. One of Nicola's De Souza reps appears in the village and attempts to poach Betty. When Betty tells David how much she's been offered, he tops the offer leaving Betty satisfied and David in further financial dire straits. He immediately storms round to confront Nicola but she stands firm. A desperate David realises he’ll have to resort to undercutting De Souzas in order to regain business. Elsewhere, Andy reasserts that he needs Jo home that afternoon but she's having none of it. However, when she stomps off outside she's shocked to see a hot air balloon waiting for her in the field. Delighted at her surprise, she jumps in the basket whilst Andy fetches their coats. Joy soon turns to horror, however, when one of the goats decides to chew through the rope holding the basket down, and the balloon takes off carrying with it a screaming Jo. Andy and the Sugdens give chase and the basket finally lands in a nearby field. After Jo composes herself, Andy produces an engagement ring and she accepts his proposal.


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