Grace implores Carl to tell her that Matthew killed Tom, saying once he does they can be together. Carl insists he doesn't love her, prompting Grace to launch into a tirade against Matthew and Jimmy. She's broken when Carl turns on her and delivers the crushing truth that he is the murderer. The two part, leaving Grace sobbing alone in her flat. Carl tells his brothers what he's done and they panic that he is facing a future behind bars. The full repercussions of Carl's confession take effect with devastating consequences for everyone involved. Meanwhile, as the villagers gather for the De Souza launch party, the crowd is stunned into silence when Nicola is unveiled as the mystery businesswoman. David looks on in disbelief as the crowd denounces Nicola until Jasmine gives him a lesson in village history. Later, Nicola does her best to bridge the gap between herself and her family but Paul and Rodney insist she is not welcome. However, a sudden change of heart leads Rodney to his daughter's door and they are reunited with a hug. Elsewhere, Victoria complains to Andy after Jack again tells her off and she breaks down in tears, frustrated that she's not loved. Andy investigates how Jack's feeling and he confesses to missing Diane. Believing that Diane wants a separation, Jack worries until Andy suggests going to Margate and fighting for his marriage.


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