Edward continues to feel dejected following the death of Mrs Hinton. Joe is infuriated when Penny forgets their trip in favour of spending more time with Jack, prompting him to leave home.


Alison and Henry are out walking, she notices the shoe that Henry discarded before but think nothing of it. The telephone has been fitted at Emmerdale Farm and the engineer tests the line. Joe is annoyed when Penny forgets her fishing lesson and goes to see Jack. Reverend Ruskin is still feeling down, Liz wants him to talk to her. Alison asks the Ruskins' advice about living in at The Woolpack. Jack is staying at Frank's while he and Janie are on honeymoon. He talks about Trash with Penny. Joe barges in to confront Penny over forgetting to go fishing, she apologises but he storms out. Alison and Amos disagree over food as Alison starts to sell sausage rolls behind the bar; Henry enjoys them. Joe announces he is leaving home. Penny has picked up on the fact that Jack is a writer and tries to talk to him about it, but he's more interested in talking about Trash. She says anything Trash didn't tell people, he didn't want them to know and that's how it's staying. Peggy discusses buying furniture with Matt's wages. When Sam interferes, Matt shouts at him. Annie calls in at Frank's to see Jack and notices Penny in her dressing gown.


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