As Kelly prepares for her wedding, Scarlett hears a ringing phone in Kelly's bag and, unaware that it's Debbie's, answers it. Hearing Debbie launch into a tirade unaware of who's on the other end, Scarlett is inadvertently alerted to the existence of the photo of Kelly and Eli. When Carl sees the photo he alerts a devastated Jimmy. Beside herself, Kelly tries to reason with Jimmy that it was a mistake and meant nothing. Jimmy forgives Kelly for her drunken kiss with Eli but jilts her at the altar when Eli tells him about the abortion. Viv disowns Kelly again and Jimmy is too angry to speak to her. Kelly steals some money. Despite Donna and Paul's efforts to reunite them, Jimmy claims that Kelly has broken his heart and he can never be with her again. Heartbroken, Kelly steals Debbie's car, a gift given to her by Eli, and leaves Emmerdale again. Meanwhile, Debbie continues to ostracise herself from the rest of the village and even manages to disgust friend Jasmine when she reveals the reason why Eli stole her phone and laptop. Elsewhere, Laurel continues in her quest to push Emily and the Bishop together and Lisa invites Debbie for lunch with her daughter.


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