Victoria is horrified by Billy's insinuation and in a bid to learn the truth she seeks out her mum's former lover Richie Carter. Victoria asks him bluntly if Jack was responsible for Sarah's death and she interprets his silence as a 'yes'. Victoria returns home and douses the cottage with petrol. When Andy and Jack walk in she threatens to set it alight. Andy confesses that it was him started the fire that killed Sarah. A stunned Victoria races up the stairs and trips, gashing her head. Victoria passes out in the bedroom and as Andy tends to her wounds, Jack gets a damp cloth. Jack turns on the hot water and the boiler pilot light ignites the petrol fumes causing a massive fireball that blows out the downstairs windows. Andy smashes the bedroom window and he and Victoria escape. Billy fights his way through the flames and pulls Jack from the bathroom. Billy helps Jack to safety but before he can escape another fireball explodes. Also, Nicola tricks Jasmine into working so she can spend time with David at the pub quiz, while a drunk Chas gets her team disqualified; Eric rescues Pearl from her smoke-filled cottage next door to Jack's.


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Memorable dialogue

Louise Appleton: "Uh, everybody, the bus is currently blocking two lanes of the M1."
Jamie Hope: "Which, thanks to a ruptured diary truck that crashed into the bus when the exhaust fell off, is now probably closed until morning."
Paddy Kirk: "There's no point in crying over spilt milk, though."

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