Val asks Eric if he'd like to go on a picnic so they can become properly reacquainted. Eric thinks his luck is in and he's keen to get back together with his ex. Val, however, avoids his advances and she steals his mobile then drives off, leaving Eric stranded. Eric is forced to walk back home. Val confronts Eric about his lies, but he tells her that he only lied to spend more time with her. A flattered Val agrees to give their relationship another go. Zak is worried about Sam's plans to move out of Wishing Well Cottage and he forces Eric to agree to retract his offer to help Sam get a council house. Sam is crushed when Eric tells him that he can't help him out and he soon realises that Zak intervened. Sam is furious and more determined to leave than ever. Perdy arranges a meeting with a surrogacy rep to go through the details with Katie. Chas warns Katie to back out before it's too late, but Katie defiantly goes to the meeting. Katie is warned of the grave responsibility of being a surrogate but her determination remains unshaken. Also, Donna gives Ross relationship advice; Hilary is upset when Doug seems taken with Lily.


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