Jasmine is convinced that Nicola has enticed David into an affair when David disappears off with an excuse about meeting a ‘friend’ and Nicola also announces she’ll be out of the village for a while. Debbie encourages Jasmine to catch the pair at it and Jasmine decides to follow Nicola to see if she's meeting David. Jasmine tails Nicola to a hospital and she's surprised when she discovers that Nicola is visiting her supposedly ‘dead’ husband, who is being kept alive on life support. Marlon decides to apologise to Ross for having a go at him for supposedly having his eye on Donna. But he's put out when Ross gets in first and offers his own apology for coming in between the couple. Ross offers to move out of Tall Trees Cottage to make life easier but Marlon tells him he’ll be fine to stay. Laurel hosts her Sunday lunch for family and friends but dad Doug partakes of a little too much of the alcoholic beverages. Doug loudly congratulates Laurel for setting Emily up with Bishop George and Laurel is mortified! Emily is horrified to find out what her friend is up to and feels severely embarrassed in front of her friends. Also, Carrie invites Jimmy on holiday.


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