Viv takes delivery of her newly printed books but Bob is still trying to work out how they can repay the loan she took out to pay for them. Viv has limited success flogging the books to the villagers and Bob is horrified when Viv asks Rodney how much it will set her back to have a launch party at Home Farm! Jasmine is determined to find out what Nicola is up to and she discovers that if Nicola's hubby Donald dies, all his money goes to his son, leaving Nicola penniless. Jasmine is appalled that Nicola is keeping Donald alive merely to keep her hands on his cash and she tells David everything. David is equally as horrified and vows to confront his boss. Marlon is miserable when Donna works long shifts with Ross to prepare for her forthcoming interview to become a policewoman. Diane and Bob encourage Marlon to support his wife and he cooks Donna dinner and even bites his tongue when Donna ignores him to get stuck into revision. Marlon's worries are reignited when Ross tells him that his own police interview split him and his girlfriend up! Also, Louise asks Jamie to make more effort at the B&B and he secures a group booking. Paddy, increasingly unhappy with Rosemary's absence, hands her dogs over to Grayson.


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