It is the day of Victoria's court appearance, Louise realises that she might've made a terrible mistake breaking up with JamieRoss has a big talk with Kirsty, and Ashley and Laurel celebrate their second wedding anniversary.


Victoria goes missing on the day of her court appearance. Jack is relieved when Victoria finally turns up, having been to visit her mother's grave. At court, it's good news when the judge rules that Victoria's case can be heard in Youth Court and her solicitor is confident that she won't get a custodial sentence. Meanwhile, Diane turns up at court and Jack thanks her for her support, but Victoria wants nothing to do with her. Louise admits to Terry that she had a disastrous date and she is stunned when Terry later brings Amelia to see her. Amelia explains that she tried it on with Jamie, but he turned her down and Louise realises she has made a big mistake. Louise asks Jamie to take her back but he refuses, claiming that he can't be with a woman who won't trust him. Marlon is dismayed when Donna tells him that Ross will not be going back to Kirsty. Donna warns Marlon to stop obsessing that she's going to run off with Ross. Meanwhile, Ross and Kirsty have a big talk and although Kirsty accuses Ross of having feelings for Donna, they decide to reunite. Marlon is relieved, but Donna feels uneasy. Also, Ashley and Laurel celebrate their wedding anniversary; Duke asks out Louise! Matthew is disturbed when he learns that Perdy was back in hospital; Grayson warns him to back off.


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  • Rosé by The Feeling plays during the opening scenes of this episode. It can then be heard on the radio in the café.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,010,000 viewers (17th place).
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