Perdy has returned from hospital after the surrogacy procedure, but she is still laid up in bed. Matthew is suspicious that something is going on but he can't get any information out of Katie. Matthew visits Perdy and he tries to convince her that Gray and Katie are having an affair. Matthew is stunned when Perdy reveals that Katie is going to be their surrogate and he tells her that she's making a big mistake. Perdy realises that Matthew has deep feelings for her and she's taken aback. Jonny is desperate to move ahead with the wedding plans and he suggests to Paul that they book a date in January. Paul is noncommittal, but Jonny takes it upon himself to visit Ashley to see about having the partnership ceremony in church. Ashley can't allow the ceremony itself, but he agrees to have a special service for them. Rodney worries that things are moving too fast for Paul. Hilary causes more problems for Ashley when she remonstrates with Doug in the cafe about catching Ashley and Laurel getting down to it on the sofa the day before. Viv overhears and wastes no time in telling a shocked Hilary about Ashley's previous conquests! Also, Jack worries when Victoria tries to avoid school.


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