Matthew is determined to stop Perdy going ahead with the surrogacy and he stirs it with Katie by telling her about his fling with Perdy. Katie wonders if she's doing the right thing and when Matthew offers Katie double the cash to back out she talks to Grayson, but he pushes Katie into sticking to her word. When Perdy also apologises for being irritable with her, Katie finds herself agreeing to go through with the insemination the following day. Jonny talks to Emily about the wedding invitations and Emily is concerned that Ashley has offered Jonny and Paul a church service. Emily shares her disapproval with Bishop George, who also agrees that it is inappropriate to bless a gay union in church. Ashley has to retract his offer to a disappointed Jonny after Bishop George has words. Edna is concerned with Lily's seeming continuing attempts to seduce Doug when Lily suggests asking Doug over to the house to fix a faulty fuse. Edna begs Lily not to interfere in Doug and Hilary’s marriage but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Lily arranges to go for a drink with Doug, who sneaks out of the house to meet her while Hilary is babysitting. Also, Hilary overhears Ashley moaning to Laurel about her.


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