Grayson and Perdy are excited as Katie goes in for the insemination. After the procedure, Gray asks Katie if she would like to move into Mill Cottage with them. Perdy worries that Gray is becoming obsessed with the pregnancy, but when she later sees Matthew she tells him off for trying to bribe Katie not to go through with the surrogacy. Perdy feels a flicker of jealousy when she sees Gray tenderly kissing a sleeping Katie's forehead. Later, Gray has a confrontation with Matthew and warns him to stay out of his life. Rodney continues to worry that Paul is not ready to marry Jonny. Meanwhile, Paul is irritated when the whole village gossips about them being turned down for a church service. Paul and Jonny bicker about the wedding. A worried Rodney talks to Diane about Paul but she warns him not to interfere. Hilary tries to clear the air with Ashley by preparing a special breakfast, but she's disappointed when Ashley is up and out early. Meanwhile, Ashley and Laurel consider having a double christening with new parents Melanie and Greg. Hilary disapproves. Also, Jamie fakes a night out to make Louise think he's moved on.


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