Paul is disgruntled when Rodney talks to him yet again about his commitment to Jonny, but he doesn't admit his secret doubts. When Jonny tells Paul that he'll be out for the night Paul heads to the pub to drown his sorrows. Paul rescues Grayson from an altercation with Matthew and invites him back to Victoria Cottage and they end up drunkenly having sex. Paul is crushed when he realises that Gray doesn't have any feelings for him and when Jonny returns home, a sobbing Paul confesses. Katie moves into Mill Cottage and Perdy is jealous of the attention that Gray lavishes on her. Perdy negatively suggests that Katie may not even be pregnant yet and Gray is angry. Perdy later apologises to Gray but by then Gray has returned from his liaison with Paul and he feels guilty about her apology. Lily organises a cocktail evening at Edna's and Edna worries that Doug has taken too much of a shine to her sister. Edna confronts Lily for encouraging married man Doug. Lily takes offence at Edna's telling off and declares that she's obviously outstayed her welcome and will leave the village. Also, Debbie goes to the casino with new man Sean.


Regular cast

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Memorable dialogue

(Alan plays classical music)
Lily Butterfield: "Oh no, Alan, not that."
Alan Turner: "But this was the Classical CD Club choice of the month, that's why I brought it over."
Lily Butterfield: "Well, don't you have anything that's a little, well, less depressing."
Daz Eden: "Coldplay it is, then."
Sandy Thomas: "I'm rather fond of Coldplay."

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