Paul has spent the night at his mum's and he heads over to see Jonny to smooth things over. But Jonny is devastated by Paul's betrayal and refuses to forgive him. Val learns that Jonny is thinking about leaving the village and Nicola encourages her estranged brother not to lose Jonny. Paul begs Jonny not to leave, but Jonny drives away. A genuinely gutted Paul is delighted when Jonny returns and tells him that he'll give him one last chance. Afterwards, Jonny confronts Gray in the Woolpack toilets, punches him in the stomach and warns him to stay away from Paul. Debbie feels awkward when Sean suggests that they go to The Woolpack as she doesn't want to introduce him to her wayward family. Zak and Lisa are curious about Debbie's mystery man and come straight over but Sean is the perfect gentleman, even after being introduced to Shadrach! Debbie is mystified when Sean assures her that he thinks her family are great. Edna learns that Lily is arthritic and she worries about her but Lily refuses to discuss it. Edna won't let it drop and books Lily in to see the doctor. Later, Lily struggles to get her suitcase to the door but the sisters laugh over a shared memory. Edna persuades Lily to stay. Also, Belle and Sam decide to sell homemade wine.


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