Eli is wild with jealousy when he learns that Debbie's got a new bloke and Chas realises that he's smitten with his cousin. Eli goes to the garage to see Debbie and questions her about Sean, but she warns him off. Eli is even more miserable when Debbie meets Sean in the pub in a knockout dress and he glumly watches them leave for a meal in Hotten. Eli attempts to ruin the meal by turning up and sitting next to them with his own hastily arranged date. Debbie warns Eli not ruin things for her and knees him in the groin! Rodney is concerned that Paul has reunited with Jonny and he watches the pair closely in an attempt to detect whether their relationship is on shaky ground. Rodney reminds Paul that he's been having doubts about Jonny for a long time and he wonders if marriage is sensible. A defiant Paul responds by telling Jonny that he wants to press ahead with their marriage plans. Also, Victoria sees the psychiatrist as part of her court conditions; Lily discovers that Rodney may have a polytunnel for growing crops going spare; Val and Diane let bygones be bygones.


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  • A waiter is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,630,000 viewers (21st place).
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