Eli is downbeat about Debbie's new relationship but on his bin run, he spots Sean outside a house with what appears to be his wife and children! A gleeful Eli tells Debbie what he's seen, but she refuses to believe it. Eli convinces Debbie to go to the house to witness it for herself and she is crushed when she sees Sean with his 'family'. Debbie takes revenge and crushes Sean's car, but she's mortified when a furious Sean reveals that the woman was his sister! Debbie is furious with Eli, but Chas points out that Eli is in love with her. Debbie agrees to talk to Eli and she decides that she wants to be with him after all. Lily speaks to Rodney about the empty polytunnel at Home Farm and she asks him if she could use it for gardening space. Rodney falls for her charm and agrees. Lily discovers that Sam and Belle are planning to brew homemade wine to make some money for Christmas and she agrees to share the tunnel as long as they keep what they're up to under wraps. Also, the Sugdens' troubles are splashed all over the Hotten Courier; Jo returns from her break to an underwhelming reception from Andy.


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