Jo is troubled by her deteriorating relationship with Andy and Jack picks up on the tension. Jack tells Jo that Andy loves her and he will need her more than ever if he gets sent down. Andy finds out that Jack has been talking to Jo about their relationship and he's fuming and reminds Jack that he's no expert on relationships with three failed marriages behind him. Eli is hurt when Debbie doesn't tell Zak that they're dating. Debbie tells Eli they need to establish ground rules before they can go public. Debbie tells Eli that he must never mess her about or let her down and he can't involve her in any dodgy scams that could threaten the garage or cab firm. Eli solemnly agrees and they decide that they make a good team. Lily is concerned that Belle doesn't know what she's doing with the home brew and she's proved right when Rodney pops over to fix a tear in the polytunnel. The wine explodes and Rodney is hit on the head by a wine cork and knocked off his ladder! Rodney tells Lily to vacate the polytunnel immediately. Daz moves in with Sam; Jack and Lisa are both unsure about the situation but keep their doubts private. Also, Jo discovers that Victoria is being bullied. Victoria continues to keep her family in the dark, even going as far as to ban Jack and Andy from Sarah's upcoming memorial, insisting that they didn't care about her anyway.


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