Debbie and Eli decide to come clean to the Dingles about their relationship and they head over to Wishing Well Cottage to reveal their news. Zak and Lisa are gobsmacked and Zak thinks Debbie is mad for wasting herself on Eli. Lisa tells Debbie that they are just concerned about her, but Debbie is hurt and storms out with Eli. Later, Lisa visits Debbie and warns her that Eli will drag her down to his level. Victoria is becoming more and more strung out by her bullying problems at school and she eventually admits to Jo that she's been putting up with bullies ever since the fire at the house. Jo reveals that she was bullied at school as well and she tells her that she got her revenge. Jo offers to help Victoria get rid of her bully. Victoria meets up with bully Danielle at the Cricket Pavilion, but takes Jo along with her. Jo slams Danielle against a wall and warns her that if she doesn’t leave Victoria alone, her life won’t be worth living! Also, Zak persuades Belle to tell Rodney the truth about her home brew; Penny and Daz settle into Sam’s but keep him up with loud music and vodka.


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