Lexi is stunned when she gets an unwelcome visit from an old acquaintance, Lee. Lexi insists that she's put her criminal past behind her and she doesn’t want to get involved in any more dodgy scams. Lee spies an opportunity and he demands £10k instead to keep her secrets from Carrie. Meanwhile, Carrie and Jimmy return from France and Carrie is surprised when Lexi turns up at the office and tells her that she needs some cash. Lexi refuses to tell Carrie what she needs the money for, but she warns Carrie that if she doesn’t give her the money, she will tell Scarlett their explosive secret. Sam is still smarting about Daz’s raucous night in with Penny the previous evening, but he is alarmed when Samson mistakenly drinks from a discarded glass of vodka. Sam phones for an ambulance and Samson is whisked away. Sam is assured that Samson will be fine, but he remains worried. Duke finds out about the incident and calls round to check on Sam and Samson - and he's worried when he discovers that Sam kept Lisa in the dark. Also, Jack learns that the insurance company won’t pay out for the damage on Tenant's Cottage.


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