Carrie tries to get Lexi out of jail, but Matthew wants the book thrown at her. Matthew is furious when Carl gives the police a statement that gets Lexi off the hook. Carrie tells Lexi that they should tell Scarlett that Lexi is her sister, not her aunt, and they nervously return to Brook Cottage to talk to her. The pair are confronted by a tearful Scarlett, who reveals that she already knows, and has smashed up the house. Jamie is unimpressed with Louise’s letter and she realises that it will take something special to win him back. Louise worries that Jamie has completely given up on her when he tells her that he needs more time on his own. Louise has a look in her self-help book and ‘dresses to impress’, but Jamie is perturbed by Louise's suddenly strange behaviour! Lisa tells Zak that she is seriously worried that Sam is struggling both financially and emotionally. Zak thinks Sam just needs some time to toughen up, but Lisa says she wants Sam and Samson back at home. Daz moves out of Sam's house and back in with Andy and a less-than-pleased Jo after Samson drank some alcohol left within his reach. Penny insists he should have stood up to Sam and repeatedly insults Sam's intelligence; a fed-up Daz dumps her. Zak broaches the subject of a return to Wishing Well Cottage with Sam, but he is determined to go it alone, going as far as to hide bills from Zak. Scarlett, while wandering around lost in thought, is nearly run over by Grayson. They bond over secretive mothers and he convinces her to give Carrie another chance. Also, Jack and Diane decide to give their marriage another go.


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