Trevor goes to the police about Sam but is advised to drop the case. Meanwhile, Rachel's husband continues to bother Rachel, asking her to move to London with him.


Rachel has spent the night at 3 Demdyke Row. Annie, Matt and Dolly are worried about how quiet Sam is. Trevor ponders going to the police about Sam. The villagers gossip about Joe and Rachel when she is seen leaving Demdyke. Trevor presents Tony with the water authorities report which places him in the clear. Henry believes Tony and his father should have compensation. Tony warns him his father might sue Trevor. Seth tells Sam that he didn't have a gun and the bird was shot so the police can't do anything. Sam wants him to tell Trevor the truth but he refuses, saying there's no need as Trevor won't do anything. Annie's confused when Matt tells her he found a rabbit snare in Sam's shed. Sam spots Trevor leaving the police station. He reports back to Paula that the PC doesn't believe Sam is responsible and advises him to drop it. Trevor wants to make Sam sweat. Rachel receives a letter from Tim. Annie tells Donald that Henry has got Vivian a job in Bradford with one of his old pals. Sam worries to Seth that he saw Trevor at the police station and pushes him to own up. Seth says he's been convicted of poaching before and is not willing to risk it. Donald tells Matt and Dolly that there's rumour going round the village that Sam has been caught poaching. Rachel tells Joe about the letter from her husband. He thinks Tim wants her to return to London, but she insists they've separated. Annie confronts Sam about the rumour and he confesses he was caught by Trevor but he wasn't poaching.


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