Jamie returns to Connelton View and he is alarmed when he discovers that Viv's rabbit is missing - and Louise is in the house with a kitchen knife and a large pot boiling on the stove! Jamie nervously asks about Buffy, but Louise assures him she's not a bunny boiler and she's come round to make him lunch. The pair head out to look for the missing rabbit and they squabble. But after Louise falls in a muddy puddle they can't help laughing and it seems that a reconciliation is on the cards. Marlon and Paddy are also in on the search for Buffy, but they come across a sinister find. The pair discover a bag abandoned in a ditch and with Rosemary's driving licence inside. Paddy worries that the missing Rosemary could have come to a sticky end. Jimmy is embarrassed when Carrie tells her that she couldn't have got through her problems without him. Carrie hugs Jimmy and she can't resist moving in for a kiss. This time, Jimmy goes with the flow and they are soon snogging. But they are stopped in their tracks when a horrified Scarlett walks in on them. Also, Victoria is sulky about Jack getting back with Diane.


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