Gray finds out about Rosemary's abandoned bag and he panics. Perdy is furious that Grayson has been drawn into thinking about his mum once again and she seeks solace with Matthew. Perdy is happy when Matthew offers to take the afternoon off to go horse-riding with her. Matthew comes off his horse and when a worried Perdy rushes over, they kiss passionately! Scarlett is still smarting about seeing Carrie with Jimmy and she is convinced that the pair have been seeing each other in secret. Lexi finds out that Carrie and Jimmy were caught kissing and she is outraged as Carrie previously warned her not to get involved with Carl. Carrie realises that a relationship with Jimmy would cause too much trouble and she regretfully tells him that they will have to stay friends. Louise and Jamie prepare to tell everyone that they are a couple again. Meanwhile, Terry discovers that Buffy has passed away in the night and he asks them to tell Viv. Jamie and Louise tell an upset Viv about Buffy's demise but Louise lets slip about their renewed relationship. She outrages Viv by suggesting that one day she could be her mother-in-law, and Jamie is thoughtful. Marlon continues to help support Donna through her training. Also, Miles makes contact with Jasmine.


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