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Perdy discovers that Katie has thrown away a negative pregnancy test and it helps her come to a decision about her future. Perdy tells Matthew that she has been clinging to the idea that a baby may save her marriage, but she realises that it's over. Matthew is delighted when Perdy tells him that she'll leave her husband to be with him. Jasmine is shocked when Miles De Souza turns up on her doorstep and tells her that he’ll help her with her story about Nicola – for a price. Jasmine invites Miles in and she is moved when Miles opens up to her about his life, but she is unaware that Miles is swigging from a bottle of vodka every time she turns her back. Jimmy tells Carrie that he is prepared to take things slowly with her and Carrie invites him for dinner. Jimmy tries to make amends with Scarlett, but she feels patronised and she storms over to The Woolpack and hints to Carl about Jimmy's relationship with Carrie. Carl is jealous that his one-time lover has moved onto his brother. Also, Freddie asks Viv to be the face of his campaign; Marlon is convinced that Donna is cheating on him with Ross.


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