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Perdy returns home after her assignation with Matthew and she is stunned and confused when Donna and Katie announce that Katie is pregnant. Grayson assures Perdy that it's the best thing that ever happened to them, but Perdy needs time to think. She tells Matthew about the latest turn of events and she reveals that she can't risk losing custody of the baby and she will have to stay with Grayson. Marlon feels rejected when he finds Donna about to head back to work with Ross. Marlon tries to get some sympathy from Lexi after being abandoned by his wife yet again, but Lexi tells Marlon to stop moaning and instead be proud of Donna for her achievements. Jasmine is disappointed when she catches Miles drinking a bottle of whisky. Jasmine reminds Miles that if he continues to drink he'll just be letting Nicola win. Jasmine encourages Miles to be strong and give up the booze so that he can claim his rightful inheritance. Also, Ross is offended when Paddy asks his cousin outright if he's sleeping with Donna; David is angry when he discovers that Jasmine is still working on an article about Nicola.


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