Donna is stunned when the police turn up at Mill Cottage and reveal that Rosemary's blood was found on her handbag and they suspect foul play at work. Grayson looks at Rosemary's diary entry for the day she disappeared and it mysteriously says 'MK – MF'. The police suggest that 'MK' could refer to Matthew King and they head off to interview him, but a cocky Matthew comes up with an alibi. Later, Grayson punches Matthew and demands to know what he's done to his mum! Marlon perks up when Ross's girlfriend Kirsty turns up and he hopes that the couple will repair their failing relationship. But Kirsty seems bored when Ross and Donna start discussing work and Marlon worries that Kirsty isn't going to be the answer to his problems. Marlon is even more despondent when Kirsty admits that her relationship with Ross is on the rocks. Meanwhile, Perdy is delighted when Matthew tells her that he'll wait for her to see out Katie's pregnancy. He promises her that as soon as she can be with him he will love the baby as his own. Also, Emily turns down Laurel and Ashley’s request to be Daniel’s Godmother; Miles is delighted when Jasmine asks solicitor Grayson to help him.


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