Ross confesses to Donna that his relationship with Kirsty isn't working out and Donna encourages him to end things with her. Donna is shocked when Ross reveals that he is in a complicated situation as Kirsty left her husband to be with him. Donna is disappointed with Ross for breaking up a marriage, but she decides to let it pass. Meanwhile, Lexi encourages Marlon to confront Ross instead of quietly stewing. Laurel is upset when Doug reveals that he no longer looks at wife Hilary in the way that he used to. Laurel tells her dad that he really hurt Hilary when he flirted with Lily and she hopes that her parents can try to work things through. Laurel and Ashley are pleased when Doug and Hilary spend a nice day together, but they are frustrated when the couple start bickering again. Eric is skeptical when Viv and Freddie visit him to ask for his support in their child campaign. Eric agrees to think about it when Viv mentions the networking opportunities if he pledges his support. Freddie tells Viv that she's a fantastic asset to the campaign. Also, Jimmy wants to know if Matthew really did have anything to do with Rosemary's disappearance. George encourages Emily to follow her instincts.


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