Emily sends the village gossip mongers into overdrive when Betty overhears Emily and the Bishop talking about 'telling people their news'. Betty is convinced that they are about to announce their marriage and wastes no time in spreading the gossip. But Emily has an announcement of a very different kind when she reveals that she's going to leave the village to become a priest. Hilary is just putting the finishing touches to the new gown when Eric and Val come into the factory. Hilary and Doug hide and they are stunned when Eric and Val get amorous amongst the fabric! Once Hilary and Doug are able to make their escape they have a heart-to-heart and decide to reconcile. Meanwhile, Laurel and Ashley are upset that they are delaying the joint christening with Greg and Mel. Greg introduces his son Jake who resents his father remarrying too soon after his mother's death and only reluctantly agreed to attend. Hilary and Doug arrive in the nick of time, with the gown, and all goes well, although Laurel is embarrassed when she later catches them getting passionate in the kitchen! Marlon feels guilty when Ross announces that he's going to move out of Tall Trees Cottage and he convinces him to stay in a bid to please Donna. Marlon feels aggrieved when Donna later confesses that she would have quite liked Ross to move out. Donna realises how jealous Marlon has been of her friendship with Ross and she tries to reassure him. Also, Val accepts Eric's proposal to wind him up then announces their engagement!


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