Jasmine and Miles go to the hospital where Donald is on a life support machine and they hide when they see Nicola. The pair begin to bond over Nicola's catalogue of evil deeds and Jasmine's feelings for Miles begin to grow. Later, David is suspicious about Jasmine's whereabouts and he cracks and tells Nicola that he thinks Jasmine is hiding Miles. Nicola is furious but David advises that they play a similar game and catch out Jasmine and Miles. Laurel and Ashley are surprised when Hilary and Doug announce that they've finally decided to return home. But their car breaks down on the way and Laurel and Ashley offer them a lift. Hilary and Doug arrive at their house and they are anxious when they discover the front door unlocked. The couple discover that their other daughter Caroline has been living in the house in their absence with her family after her own house was repossessed. Ashley suggests that Doug and Hilary return to the village with them and Laurel is happy when they agree. Also, Sam and Viv are upset when they learn that their friend Emily is going to leave the village; Paul is concerned about the distance between him and Jonny.


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  • The nurse that Nicola tells off is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 5,780,000 viewers (36th place).
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