Nicola tries to buy up all the newspapers in the shop when Jasmine's story makes the front page but word soon spreads. Rodney and Paul are stunned and a disappointed Rodney tells his daughter that he's moving out. Nicola takes revenge by telling Miles that Jasmine labelled him a 'recovering alcoholic' in the article. An upset Miles leaves the village and Nicola and David are smug that Jasmine has shot herself in the foot. Jack has a heart-to-heart with Victoria and he tells her that if he can forgive Diane for her indiscretion, then surely she can do the same. Victoria finally relents and she tells him that she will have Christmas lunch at The Woolpack with the family. Diane is delighted and she goes to kiss Jack but he pulls away. Diane realises that they have a long way to go to repair their marriage. Paul talks to Jonny about Nicola's deception and Jonny comforts him. The atmosphere between the couple finally thaws and they admit that they have been distant from each other. Paul and Jonny are reassured about their love for each other and they decide to start planning their wedding. Also, Chas and Lexi spot a business opportunity at the church.


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