Grayson is horrified when he learns that Donna and Ross came across Rosemary's car abandoned in the bushes close to one of the Kings' properties, Manor Farm. Grayson tells the police that he's sure that Rosemary was going to visit Matthew on the day she disappeared. Matthew is worried when the police reveal that they discovered two cups at Manor Farm with his and Rosemary's fingerprints on and traces of blood on the floor. Katie admits to Jonny that she is having a baby for Grayson and Perdy and he is stunned. Jonny tells Katie that she's making a big mistake and Katie storms off. Jonny talks about the surrogacy with Paul and he is angry that Paul kept it a secret, but has failed to tell Katie that Grayson is gay. Paul insists that the baby is a good idea but Jonny is unconvinced. Ross questions Chas and Lexi about the bionic bears and they come with a story. Ross is unconvinced but realises that he has nothing else to go on. Also, tests are ordered on Donald; Viv gets Ashley to agree to let her have one of the twins as baby Jesus in the nativity.


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