Matthew tells the police that he's being framed but he's stunned when they show him his own diary with an entry that says 'RK-MF'. The police are sure that this stands for 'Rosemary KingManor Farm'. Matthew denies writing the entry but with nothing more concrete to go on the police let him go. Matthew is angry when both his solicitor and Perdy seem unsure of his innocence. Emily has her leaving drinks in The Woolpack and she's delighted by the turn out. Even Debbie turns up to bury the hatchet. Grayson and Matthew spoil the party by having a spat but Emily steps in and restores the peace. It's clear that she will make a fantastic vicar. Grayson learns that Katie told Jonny about the surrogacy and he visits Jonny and tries to bribe him not to tell Katie that he's gay. Jonny insists that Katie has right to know but Gray threatens to ruin things between him and Paul. A worried Jonny tells Paul that he thinks they should leave the village and make a fresh start. Also, Ross is flattered by the attentions of Chas and Lexi and agrees to turn a blind eye to the bionic bear incident.


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