Grayson is stunned when his private detective reveals that he has traced Rosemary to Miami and she is masterminding her revenge on Matthew. Gray decides to tell Matthew what Rosemary is up to. When Gray goes to see Matthew he is stopped in his tracks by the sound of Perdy's voice and he's horrified as he hears the pair discussing Perdy's plans to dump Grayson and move in with Matthew. Gabby is jealous when Belle is chosen to play Mary in the nativity play and causes mischief when she grabs Daniel's pram while they are at the rehearsal and wheels him away. Laurel and Ashley are horrified when they discover both the children have gone missing but they are relieved when they find Gabby at home with Daniel playing Mary and baby Jesus. Paul confides in Nicola that he and Jonny are going to leave the village and Nicola breaks Paul's confidence and tells Rodney what's going on. Rodney is hurt that Paul has kept him in the dark and tells Paul that he's making a big mistake but Paul refuses to listen. Also, Edna invites Pearl to spend Christmas with her; Val and Eric have an uncomfortable meal with Diane and Jack.


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