Grayson plots to bring down Matthew after discovering his affair with Perdy. Gray spots Matthew's car at Debbie's garage and plants false evidence of Matthew's 'murder' of Rosemary in the car. Later, Matthew's car is searched by the police and they tell Gray that they have found one of Rosemary's cardigan buttons. Gray 'breaks down' on a shocked Perdy, who comforts him, while Matthew is arrested for murder. Jack forces himself to tell Diane that they will get their marriage back on track but after some soul searching he reveals that he wasn't being entirely honest with her. Diane is heartbroken as Jack admits that he's not sure if they can ever repair their relationship and she rushes out. Jack is regretful that he finds it so hard to forgive and forget. Paul plucks up the courage to tell Val that he will be moving away and he's touched when Val is understanding about his decision. Val tells Paul and Jonny that she will be happy wherever they choose to be, just so long as they keep a spare room available for her to come and visit. Also, Belle tells an amused Zak and Shadrach that she's writing a pantomime entitled 'Cinderbella'!


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