Matthew is so incensed about being taken in for murder that he sacks his solicitor when he doesn't feel that he's doing a good enough job. While Matthew waits for a replacement solicitor to arrive at the police station, Grayson sees an opportunity and walks in posing as Matthew's new brief. Matthew is furious when he is confronted by Gray and he lunges at him. A triumphant Gray declares that he wants to press assault charges and it seems that Matthew has dug himself an even deeper grave. Scarlett is keen to have a party for her 16th birthday but Carrie soon puts paid to that idea and tells her that she can have a family meal but she's not having a rowdy party. Scarlett is hurt by Carrie's refusal and Lexi thinks Carrie is being unfair. Belle auditions for her Christmas pantomime and Paddy and Rodney are cast as the ugly sisters, with Donna as Buttons, Jamie as Prince Charming, and Scarlett as the footman. Belle casts herself in the central role of Cinderbella and Val agrees to provide costumes for the performance as long as Belle will let her play a wicked stepmother! Also, Perdy is suspicious when Gray doesn't seem to be grieving.


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