Scarlett's birthday dawns and Jimmy convinces Carrie to let Scarlett have a few friends over in the evening, assuring her that there won't be any trouble. But when Victoria finds out about the party she maliciously posts the details on the internet and Home Farm is soon teeming with drunken teens. Daz and Eli manage to throw out the unwanted guests and Daz shares a kiss with a grateful Scarlett. Jimmy and Carrie walk in on the pair snogging in the middle of the mess and are horrified. A frightened Daz runs off! Gray is delighted when he finds out that Matthew has been charged with murder and he tells Perdy the news, watching for any signs of emotion. Perdy does a great acting job and remains calm but as soon as Gray leaves the room, Perdy breaks down as her hope of a happy future with Matthew lies in tatters. Jo's business seems to be on the up when she talks with one of her clients. The client is very impressed with her goats' cheese and tells her that he may be interested in distributing it nationally. Also, Jimmy is unsure of Matthew's innocence; Jack hires Greg to refurbish the fire damaged cottage.


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