Jo nearly fluffs a business meeting about her goats' cheese when she arrives late and in a fluster. She's forced to ask the manager of the premises to look after Sarah and the meeting goes well. But Jo is in a panic when she discovers that Sarah has gone missing and a furious Andy confronts her after he gets a call to say that Sarah has been handed in at the police station. Andy snaps and slams Jo against a door, punching the wood just inches from her face. Jimmy tells Daz in no uncertain terms to stay away from Scarlett. When Scarlett catches up with Daz and he apologises for doing a runner at the party, there is definitely a spark between them but they realise that they will have to remain just friends. Sam feels the pinch when Debbie tells him that she can't offer him any extra work as his financial situation is starting to deteriorate. Daz asks Sam if he can move back into the cottage with him and Sam has to agree. Also, Carl warns Perdy to decide whether she's on Matthew or Gray's side; Pearl feels left out by her friends but doesn't realise that they are redecorating her house for her.


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