Andy has a court appearance and when he arrives home he's still in a dark mood with Jo, despite Jo's attempts to make things better. Matters haven't been helped as Andy reveals that he has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric report for the court. Jo tells Andy to keep his chin up for Sarah's sake and Jack later reminds Andy that he needs Jo's support. Andy takes Jack's words on board and he tells a delighted Jo that he wants to set a date for the wedding. Andy also asks a stunned Jo to adopt Sarah. Lisa discovers that Sam hasn't been able to pay Samson's nursery fees and she offers to buy Sam and Samson some food. Sam proudly refuses but Lisa is worried and passes her fears on to Zak. Sam asks Eli if he can borrow some cash from him just to tide him over and he asks him to keep it a secret. Eli agrees but it's clear that Sam now 'owes' him. Also, Victoria opens up to Diane and tells her that she feels responsible for Andy's court case; Lily enjoys causing mischief between Hilary and Doug.


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