Lisa is stunned when she finds out that Andy has asked Jo to adopt Sarah and she insists that Sarah already has a mum and that is Debbie. Lisa visits Debbie at the garage to warn her that if she goes ahead with Andy's adoption plans she will never be able to have Sarah and could regret it for the rest of her life but Debbie is unmoved and she tells Andy that she's happy for the adoption to go ahead. Hilary is angry when Lily continues to flirt with Doug at the panto rehearsal and she complains to Betty and launches into a character assassination. Edna overhears Hilary having a go at Lily and she defends her sister. Lily is touched. Val tells Rodney that Eric doesn’t want her to move back in with him and she's feeling miffed. Rodney tells Val that she should go all out to get what she wants and she decides to move in by stealth. But when Eric finds her underwear under his bed he swiftly returns them! Also, Donna passes her police fitness test; Lexi suggests they throw a Christmas beach party in The Woolpack.


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