Andy is upset when Jo admits that she is unsure about the adoption but Jo tells her that she doesn’t need a piece of paper to be a mum to his little girl. Jo asks Debbie how she feels about the plan and when she realises that Debbie is completely fine with the idea she has a rethink and tells a delighted Andy that she will go through with the adoption after all. Rodney brings Lily some UV lights for her polytunnel and Lily is grateful for his generosity. But Lily is strangely unnerved when Rodney tells her that he’ll be popping round to see her at the polytunnel more often as he enjoys her company. Val crashes Eric’s car into another car and the other driver Rosalind is shaken. Eric is keen to divert Rosalind and takes her to the pub for a drink. Rosalind admits all responsibility for the accident and Eric is relieved. Rosalind flirts heavily with Eric and Eric is tempted when she leaves him her number. Also, Sam refuses to bring Samson to the Dingles on Christmas Day; Marlon and Donna are at odds over their Christmas plans.


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