Eli decides to check out what Lily is up to in the polytunnel and Lily finds him sneaking around. Lily realises she's been busted and she admit that she's been growing cannabis plants to help with her arthritis. Eli offers to source some cannabis for her while she waits for her plants to mature and he demands that she give him half the plants for his silence. Scarlett turns up to the garage dressed up to the nines in a bid to impress Daz but she's horrified when a laughing Debbie assigns her to washing cars! It's soon clear that there is not enough work to keep Scarlett busy but a sly Debbie offers to pay her wage for doing nothing. Debbie suggests that she can pay her back when she comes into her inheritance, obviously hoping to come out better off for the deal. Eric agrees to buy a ring for Val from Rodney and he asks Rodney to swap the price tags on the cheapest and the most expensive so he won’t have to shell out too much. But Eric gets unlucky when Val decides she likes the expensive ring that has the cheap price tag! Also, Lexi offers a date with her as a Woolpack raffle prize.


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