Debbie offers to take an upset Scarlett for a coffee after Daz ignores her in the village. Debbie promises to have a word with Daz about his behaviour. Later on, she does so and threatens to sack him if he doesn’t start being nice to Scarlett. At the Beach BBQ bash in the Woolpack, Chas tells Diane that Lexi is planning on fixing the votes for the raffle. Diane is angry but waits until the results are being announced to punish Lexi. Over at the café, Viv is upset to hear that the pub is busy with people as her event is not as successful. When Viv's few customers make their way over to the pub, as the café does not have a licence to sell alcohol, this is the last straw. An angry Viv turns up at the pub with her bucket and guilt trips everyone into making a donation for her charity.


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