Jimmy and Carl visit Matthew in prison and they're disturbed to see that he's been fighting. Matthew explodes and he demands to see Perdy, railing that Grayson has set him up. Meanwhile, Perdy visits the office at Home Farm and she's shocked when she sees a malicious viral email against Matthew popping up on the computer and copied to all of the Kings' clients. Perdy is suspicious when Gray behaves in a shifty manner and she wonders whether he could have set up Matthew. Viv and Marlon are in big trouble with the villagers when the villagers come down with food poisoning and accuse the pair of poisoning them at the cafe and The Woolpack. The pair clash but they soon realise that they purchased their meat from the same source – the Dingles! Belle is distraught when her pantomime is brought to its knees after half her cast call in to say that they have food poisoning. Belle makes a desperate attempt to get some last-minute replacements on board and she signs up Jasmine, Eric and Viv. Ashley continues to be annoyed at Greg's boorish behaviour, including playing loud music from his caravan near the church. Also, Jack learns that the cottage refurb will cost more than he at first thought; Marlon and Donna struggle to find time for themselves.


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