Perdy visits Matthew in prison behind Gray's back. Upset that she doubts his innocence, Matthew presses home the point that the evidence could easily have been planted by a third person and, laying his cards on the table, makes clear his belief that it's Gray. Perdy ingests his words but insists she has to leave, Matthew pleading with her not to give up on him as she exits. She later admits to Carl that Gray was behind the viral campaign. Elsewhere, Jasmine struggles to keep Viv under control during rehearsals for the pantomime, as she insists on making changes to the script. With repeated mentions of theatrical taboo Macbeth bearing down upon them, the cast take to the stage. Meanwhile, over at the pub, Diane is determined to make Christmas Day one to remember, desperate for Jack and the rest of the Sugden clan to put the past couple of months behind them. However her resolve crumbles slightly later after Jack is less than enthusiastic when she suggests he move into the Woolpack.


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  • Additional credits: Stuart St Paul (Stunt Co-ordinator)
  • A prison guard is uncredited despite a couple of lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,300,000 viewers (19th place).
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